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We finished our last show about 3:30 in the morning. Being in New York, we didn’t want to sleep. We didn’t even use our room at the Taft on 7th, directly across the street form the Wintergarden Theatre, where I had performed Beatlemania in the late 1970s.

The tour had gone so well, we were already receiving calls at our home base to reschedule for future touring. Finally, the tour finished at a huge nightclub outside of Joliet, IL. The RV we used on the tour dropped off Tom, Bob, and Mike at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. For me, it was rather sad to see Tommy return to England, knowing that this whirlwind tour was not very satisfying for him from a financial standpoint. Tommy was owed a tremendous amount of back royalties from Apple Records. He was also having tax issues both back home in England and in the United States. I worried about Tommy every night of the tour. I used to stick pretty close to him because of his on-going excessive drinking and depression. Tommy really enjoyed the time we spent together. He said, “Reed, you always make me laugh,” and “You make me feel like things aren’t really as bad as they seem.” I was glad for that. The last thing I remember hearing him say is, “We’ll do this again real soon.” We hugged and parted ways.

I can’t really retrace precisely how long it was before I received an overseas phone call from Tom. He was quite exuberant and asked, “Would you like to go back on tour?” I replied, “That all depends. I basically broke even on the last tour, and I knew we did so well that we were worth at least twice as much as were getting.” Tom indicated, “I totally agree with you, mate; but we have a problem. Business-wise, someone behind the scenes screwed up things so royally that we would be digging ourselves out of a hole.” “Tommy,” I said, “I love you, and I’m sure I speak for Donnie Dacus as well, but it’s just not in the cards.”

I don’t recall how long it was thereafter, but I do remember where I was when I received the horrific phone call. A mutual friend of Tommy and myself found me at my guest home in Mequon. He said, “Reed you may want to sit down. I have some terrible news.” I inquired, “What’s the problem?” He said, “Tommy’s gone. He hung himself yesterday.” It took me a long time to shake that day off.

Reed Now ...

And fast-forwarding my life story up to the present time, my wife Penny and I are excited about the prospects of moving ahead with my most-recent musical ventures. Yes, I am back on the music scene and have resumed the tasks of writing new songs and recording some of my unfinished, largely-unheard material in the studio. Some of this original material is now being made available for the very first time on my website, www.reedkailing.com. I can only hope that you enjoy these tunes as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.



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