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Paul was fired from WCFL. It was rumored that as he arrived at the station, warning shots were fired at him. He assumed it was the sound of gunshots ricocheting about 20 to 30 feet around him. When he got in, he realized his gig was up. He had gotten the message. There were never any hard feelings between us. We remained friends for many years. And it was at that time I made up my mind to move on.

Reed on the West Coast

I called my friend, Fred Bohlander, who headed up International Creative Management (ICM), a popular booking agency located on Beverly Boulevard. He and his partner, Danny Weiner, would eventually form their own extremely-successful booking company, Monterrey Peninsula Artists, located to this day in Monterey, California. Fred, who was involved with Dunwich Productions at the time that I was doing the Hardy Boys, and I became very good friends. I asked Fred, “If you were me, and knowing what I’ve gone through, would you go to the West Coast, or would you go to the East Coast.” His reply to me was, “Who do you know on the East Coast?” I said, “Not too many people, certainly nobody of any substance.” He answered, “Well, at least you know me. Why don’t you and Patty head west?” Patty and I talked it over. We made the decision to move to California in the latter part of 1970. We resided with her parents until we were able to get our first penthouse apartment in West Hollywood several months later. Patty landed a job with Robert Ellis and Associates, a public relations firm. One of its several clients was Diana Ross, who Bob married. The other key account, most important to me, was the group called the Grass Roots.

I started an ambitious campaign. I took the demo songs that I had recorded previously in Chicago with Paul Christi and made the ususal rounds to various music publishers and record labels. Bill Trout of Dunwich Productions (i.e., Hardy Boys) was kind enough to share a list with me. I soon came to realize just how difficult the task ahead of me was going to be, and I became increasingly discouraged with the passage of every day.


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