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MCA covered eight different sub-labels, among them were Universal and Decca, as well as others. Paul Christi was an interesting guy. As I mentioned earlier, Michael and the Messengers had been produced by Paul. Paul and I worked together extensively on other recording projects as well. He and his wife Joanie, one of the sweetest ladies in the world, were Patty’s and my own closest friends and remained very loyal.

Needless to say, working in the back room were some interesting characters. The one who stood out most in my mind was a cool black gentleman, who went by the name “Bulldog.” He was the packer; he packed up the orders. One day, Bulldog showed up for work, greeted us with his usual “Good morning everybody” and wave of the hand. But this time when Bulldog held up his hand, we saw light shining through. Bulldog had been caught with a girlfriend. His wife, a rather colorful lady, asked him which hand was used to touch his girlfriend. Then the wife shot a big hole through his right hand. Having received medical attention for the incident the previous night, Bulldog was both proud of it and out if it. He showed off his unbandaged, blood-stained wound. There was never a boring day working in the back room.

There were some high points on the job as well. Elton John, on his first concert tour during which he opened for Eric Clapton, visited the distributorship. His real intention, being an avid record collector, was to fill three empty suitcases that he brought along with records by Patsy Cline and various historical artists.

I also recall when Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band performed at Mr. Kelly’s on Rush Street. Patty and I attended the show. It was a week-long engagement. Surprisingly during that week’s time, Rick who recorded on the MCA label, never stopped in at the MCA distributorship. While Rick was performing in Chicago at Mr. Kelly’s, the order pickers retaliated by intentionally mispicking his albums for shipment to record stores. What I knew, but the warehouse people did not realize, was the fact that Rick Nelson had a crippling shyness problem. He wasn’t a visitor, he just didn’t like to go out or hangout with other people. Unfortunately, people simply misread him.

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